Roasted Pear and Prosiutto Croissants


  • 4 freshly baked croissants
  • 2 Angélys pears
  • 8 strips of prosciutto ham
  • 50g créme cheese
  • 80g gorgonzola cheese


Into a bowl add the lemon juice & créme cheese and whisk together till soft and combined. Crumble in the Gorgonzola cheese with your fingers and whisk again to form the spread.

Lay a sheet of greaseproof paper onto a baking sheet then lay out the prosciutto ham with spaces in between each piece so they don’t stick together and place into the oven under the grill and crispy.

Cut the pears into segments and remove the seeds, lightly cover with rice bran oil and cook on a medium to hot BBQ until golden brown and soft. Remove from the grill and place to the side to cool slightly.

Cut the fresh croissants down the middle and slather in the blue cheese spread, followed with the crispy prosciutto and finally the warm pears and enjoy.