Do you want to get creative?

Well what about trying these….

There are so many different things that you can do with our beautiful Angélys pears and we thought of sharing some of our favorites to inspire you.

Getting saucy with Angélys

Sweet or savoury Angélys pears are so versatile you can make them the hero of any sauce or chutney. The subtle sweet flavor of our pears helps marry spices and flavors together with ease. Perhaps you could try:

Curried Pear Chutney with Coriander & Cumin seeds
Cold Pear & Ginger Sauce
Warm Pear & Onion Marmalade
Pear Jam with a hint of Lemon

Juice like there’s no tomorrow

With the great antioxidant properties of our Angélys pears, adding them into your daily diet wouldn’t be easier than adding them to your favorite fruit and vegetable juice. Some of our favorite combinations are:

Pear, Beetroot & Cucumber Juice
Pear, Celery, Cale & Almond
Pear, Carrot & Green Bean

Summer Loving

In Summer there are so many different ways to enjoy the subtle sweetness of Angélys Pears, from poaching and baking, grilling or even BBQ’d. Maybe try them:

Grilled and in a salad of Rocket, Pomegranate seeds & Goats cheese & a Lemony Vinaigrette.
BBQ’d and served with a Spiced Garlic Yogurt
Grated as a salsa with Chili, Red Cabbage & Pine nuts
Poached & Grilled with melted Gruyere cheese, Dijon Mustard on Wheat Bread

Put a fork in me I’m done

There’s always room for dessert when Angélys pears are around, And no matter the weather we can always think of something sweet to do, like:

Pear Tart Tartan with Brown Sugar & Cinnamon
Poached in Sugar Water & served with Minted Yogurt
Stuffed with Chocolate, Wrapped in foil and baked slowly to perfection